How your kid can be the next Usain Bolt : Let’s teach him to walk first

Celebration time for Gubi! Yes she is up and walking! Much to our delight, she already has started taking few small steps which carry her as far as her tender limbs can support. A lot of parents quite anticipate these kind of moments. It sort of instills in us the feeling that your baby is a grown and independent kid now. However we shouldn’t force our kids to stand up and walk in our excitement and sheer curiosity. Kids take their own time to stand up and start walking. After some months of crawling, kids naturally try to stand up with some support which in course of time strengthens their muscles and develops self-confidence and a sense of balance. Generally a kid starts taking his first baby steps between 9 and 12 months depending on various factors like health of the baby, body weight etc. We should never be over-enthusiastic to let our baby stand up and take his first step. Some babies take their first steps as late as 18 months.

How Your Kid Can Be The Next Ussain Bolt

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So here are a few tips I would like to share with you to help you cope with your standing baby:

Buy a walker

 When your kid has crawled and successfully explored every nook and corner of your house hitting the dust bins, picking up ants and mercilessly squashing them, pulling plugs out of electrical sockets, and when you finally start believing that your kid’s crawling has become a nuisance, it’s time now to buy him a walker. Past are the days when you lullaby your baby with your silly song and he quickly huddles into a motionless sleeping bundle. Put him in the walker and watch his excitement as he fools around with his new tool/toy. He may not know what to do with it initially. Encourage him to walk by holding his hands and help him move his feet.
P.S. Make sure you baby-proof your house. Elevate all your electrical gadgets and  appliances beyond his limited reach. Plug all electrical sockets near the floor or shift them higher.

Sell off the walker

Your baby gives various subtle hints when he no longer requires his walker. Say in our case, Gubi started disrupting and demolishing every little obstruction on the way of her monumental speeding trips. Quite often she ducked herself down and tried to escape from the confines and chains of her walker.
Off the walker, your child may be seen standing and balancing with a chair. Sometimes he may be seen staggering like a drunk along the edges of the bed trying to reach for a toy. So, these are ample signs that your baby is game for the next step.

Your Support matters a lot

I am not implying that you support your kids only during these stages, you still have a long life ahead to do all these supporting things.
  • Cordon off a separate room and preferably spread a carpet to reduce fatal injuries.
  • Never leave your baby alone and unattended.
  • Be there to cushion him every time he falls down.
  • Encourage him with cheers, claps and shouts of encouragement.
  •  Stay close and walk with him at his pace.
  • Hold his hands and help him lower down whenever he is exhausted standing.
  • Encourage him to come towards you without any support by standing in front of him and holding your hands out.
Eventually your baby will start walking soon without you realizing it. He’ll be on his own feet ready to explore and plunge into the world.
How have been your experiences? Hope you find these tips useful. Please feel free to add any point I haven’t covered or missed out in the Comment section below.

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  1. Wonderful! Everyone wants to be the record breaking athelete. Thanks to Bolts for his dominance. Wel, I love to watch kids who are learning to walk. It gives me a picture of how hard we should keep trying hard in life not to fail.
    Although I don’t have a kid, but I’d save this for future reference. I think it would help my kid walk the day he/she would be born…lol

  2. Sure. Everyone desires to have one but I don’t plan to have one now. Maye in the next three years, one should come knocking…lol

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