Another 5 dreads you no longer mind

Gubi is going to be of 10 months pretty soon. She is a beautiful girl now and a very healthy kid (and they say she is weak scanning her rather conservative proportions – such mind-blowing experts!). Coming to the core issue, there have been upheaval changes ever since our little daughter has chosen to be a part of our lives. She has taught us to be humble in all our dealings and not to be rather harsh on our likes and dislikes.
On the sunny side we are slowly but surely trying to loosen the burden of diapers and nappies off her small ass as the days are too hot and with all the accumulated excretory dumps striving to leave behind spots of cruel redness on her tender skin.

Continuing after the previous list the all brand new explosive list has to top with :

  • You no longer despise stools, in fact you love and laugh seeing your baby ignorantly playing with it. She apparently, which I am not really sure, loves the warmth and the softness.
  • You can no longer afford not to compliment your neighbor’s crying machine err the lovely cajoled baby when his parents are waiting downstairs, calculating, experimenting, and tweaking the timing of your arrival just to thunder praises on your kid.
  • You already and unconditionally hated the sight and sound of the Sweet Dad’s routine some centuries ago. The monotonous and unnecessarily long-stretched sing-a-song “bye-byes” to his kid baby had already taken the toll of your physical and mental health. In fact you swore upon the holy book that you won’t be one of those types. But somehow you end up now thinking it’s okay or cool as you mature because the fact is that you’re doing it religiously every morning when you leave for your job.
  • You cursed people (and often loathed friends) who uploaded their ugly kids’ pics on facebook and even more hated it when they got a dozen likes. Now you love doing the same thing or you shrewdly get yourself tagged in your wife’s status.
Getting Yourself Tagged
  • The vicious cycle has to traverse the full circumference. Now, you suddenly start noticing friends, colleagues and relatives alike who suddenly freeze as if they are some lifeless fixtures seeing your lovely baby in Daddy’s proud arms though they never tire explaining how they successfully pull out the match-stick their over-pampered little imp shove it down his rather floppy ear.

What were the things you loathe before you have your little cute kid? Had you ever planned to murder your next door neighbor who talked non-stop about his kid’s amazing abilities? I would love to hear your stories.

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  1. I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy kids and be able to not get overly caught up in what other people think of their own kids. Parenting will definitely change anyone’s outlook on being ‘silly’ over a baby.

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