3 Child-birth myths busted

Pregnancy & Child-birth has been as old as Adam & Eve. Naturally, almost everyone has something to say  about it. Your ever friendly local vegetable vendor has some kind words seeing your bulge and an equally vein-bursting tale about the potential risks that may happen if you do not pay heed to her advice. Free advice is pretty much abound any-time, anywhere. And I have to admit that it populates more around the bulge. It would be, though, wrong to dis-credit all the advice, you wouldn’t believe, some of them had been very helpful.

I surely do owe my thanks for all the advice. But don’t you think I need a little research for myself-the little reading-up to clear all my nagging doubts? Yes, I did and read a lot preparing myself for motherhood and to maintain my sanity and health.


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The 3 Child-birth myths:

Water is not meant for you: I had been warned and advised not to drink much water lest you want your baby to spray her goods everywhere. Drinking lots of water does not, in any way, cause loose motion for your kid. I, instead, had suffered from hot urine and constipation. And it could have destroyed my kidneys.

The Magical honey: “Apply some honey on the kid’s tongue else she’ll get blisters from her constant suckle”. Though honey is quite popular with its varied nutritive pride, but please be warned, honey may cause Infant Botulism to kids of age below 1 year.

You can’t eat this: Diets are definitely restricted. I was put on a limited menu – Rice and veg soups (soups spiced with dried/roasted fish was a luxury). And other things were a big No. Minimalism seemed quite in vogue.
Have you been in such cross-roads without a clue? Did you wish you have someone to answer all your questions? Were you finally geared up and ready to welcome your first kid? Please share in the comments below, I am anxious to hear your story.

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    • Yeah Dan, these things tend to confuse a lot especially for small town folks where people stick to local beliefs despite having good doctors and a whole lot of information on the net. Guess people have an inertial tendency to resist change.

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