Existential threat – A trip to God’s own land.

A trip to Kerala was never ever around my conscious or sub-conscious scheme of desires & dreams. And by habit I never allowed such thoughts to harbour in my mind. Nor did the place inspire me to pack my bags & catch the next flight (the exorbitant fare of the always neck-in-debt airlines is already a deterrent) or jump on a Palace on Wheels.

The Unveiling

It was in early Jan when Mom called me up happily (as if she just begot a grandson) to inform me that my small brother had to go to Kerala for some computer course & asked me to check the available options of travelling modes at a short notice. Having mastered the art well, she subtly suggested that I might even accompany him. I followed up quickly and relayed back that the air fares were like blood-sucking & the Indian railways were of no help. I wondered what business people executed on-board on a running train & why trains seemed to be so loved. At that point of time I might be easily coerced to believe that Indians spent 3/4th of their life-time in trains.  The best time to book the tickets if we were to travel then and there would have been unarguably in October of the previous year. But being unable to read the future, I guess, is no-one’s fault.
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The Breather

Amidst these uncertainties and the long distance to be covered our wise mom quickly decided against it.So, luckily the whole chapter of the potentially fateful trip to God’s own land came to an end or so I believed.Do you have a travel story to relate? Please share it in the comments section below.

5 Responses to Existential threat – A trip to God’s own land.

  1. Schedule clashes prevented me from meeting up with you guys, though I really wanted to.

    And I think the picture of the train is of the Bombay Local Train. 🙂

  2. On my way back, I actually halted at Bangalore for 30 mins or so and it was no use calling you. It was a connecting flight. Anyway, hopefully, we’ll catch up soon for sure.

  3. Sounds daunting…. Its always hard to get around trips you don’t want to take, and fares that seem exuberant. I know after much looking here in the United States, for some reason, its always cheaper to travel on Thursday….

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