5 minds you dare not mind now


Parenting has always been a tricky issue, yet, personalization may be the key here, to each his own.  The Never-minds of parenting:

  1. You love your baby’s smell but it’s true that weather’s real chilled and she hasn’t had a bath for a week.www.littlegubi.com
  2. You find her piss warm on your fav suit & still elated that it’s the 6th time of the day.
  3. Your neck is all wet with your baby’s over-pouring spits and you still kiss on her over-lubricating lips.
  4. You hold your feather-light baby on your arms only to wise up later when your feeble hands and your spine surrender to the real gravity your baby commands.
  5. The aforesaid points at once become nonsensical when your baby greets you with a hint of a smile at the end of the day.

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