The Intruder

“15 is gone but another surely comes. God, I have a bad day, I still don’t know what’s more worse. Worst of all I didn’t have a clue. I swear it really pains, though subsided momentarily but I know by intuition & with many days of my experience, it would come back too soon to haunt me with more hurt & much more painful than the shiny pin-sized metallic intrusion in my flesh”.

Being emotional & attached is quite a mundane materialistic way of life I read & learned and which I somehow train myself to let that truth seep into my subconscious realm. Parenting is a skill and a tough job they say but what’s tough is your baby’s innocent stare, her unpolluted looks, the defense shattering toothless smile, and the almost void expression after the vaccination & the day and after (not to skip the greatest war epic staged on one of the, seemingly, longest & darkest night).

“Guess I would rest & sleep now, few foul drops were being shoved down my throat & I am already yawning. Goodnight.”


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