15 is gone!

” I am supposed to be pained/pricked on the15th, but days have gone past. Sheer lapse of memory or the lackadaisical attitude may have perhaps magiked.”

The 15th of this new year  was a Sunday and I am still at a loss how immunization gets OK to be shifted by a comfortable huge four days.


Does that leave me purely chained with the only option to conclude or live with, that the health of a child somehow should & surely sync with the official Govt. gazetted holidays or am I just the next ignoramus convinced  to understand that the child has enough immunity to wait and compensate for the casual absence of the vaccines or the sabbatical Vaccinator? 

Ironically, the onus to reply all the unanswered lies with me at a very later stage.

“My understanding seeks countless apologies borne out of my mis-understandings. I am a Princess by blood & birth and I admit my blunders. My Dad & Mom can never ever go wrong. Goodnight!”

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